16 Restaurants With Funny Names, #10 Is Just Cruel

When choosing a place to eat with your friends, are you ever lured in by the name of the establishment? This selection of restaurants and takeaways offer a side of humor. 1.) A stairway to leaven..ed bread. 2.) So much better than Wendy’s. 3.) A delicious disaster. 4.) I..

This Guy and His Dog do Yoga. Watch the Dog Exhale, Awesome!

This awesome Chihuahua, named Pancho can do Yoga. It’s amazing how he has taken to it, I never thought a dog could be trained like this. I love the way they are so in sync, very impressive...

A Little Girl Is Filmed Running Through The Yard. Looks Normal? Its Not.

When Michelle Nagle and her husband were expecting their child, they had now idea that she was going to be different. As soon as Eden was born they fell in love with her, everything seemed normal, it wasn’t until later on, when Eden was a few months old, they..

This Place Needs To Be Shut Down, They Call It The ‘Zoo Of Death’

It’s hard to believe, but this zoo actually exists, the Surabaya Zoo in Indonesia mistreats its animals so badly, that it’s been nicknamed the ‘Zoo of Death’. The Surabaya Zoo is the largest in Indonesia, they charge around $1 for people to see these horrors. The poor animals lack..

This Looks Like The Perfect Wedding. Only With One Devastating Truth

When Chris Price, aged just 26 years, found out he had terminal cancer and just six months to live, he decided to dedicate the time he had left to his true love and make her dreams come true. The first thing he did was propose to Ceri, his 29..

16 Of The Most Unfortunate And Hysterically Placed Advertisements Ever. #4 Had Me In Stitches.

Some of the funniest things in life happen just by accident, which is just what has happened in these amazing advertising fails. These ads have been placed or moved into a hilarious position, providing another meaning behind each one that was completely unintentional. I’m betting there are a few..

Why Do Women Outlive Men? Just Take A Look At These Pictures And It Becomes Pretty Clear.

It’s a well know statistical fact that women do on average live longer than men, and although there are many scientific reasons for this, I think it might have something to do with man’s careless behaviour. Take a look at the hilariously ludicrous pictures below. George Carlin said it..

25 Pets That Don’t Understand How To Use Human Things. The Results Are Hilarious.. LOL

Many people’s pets are given free reign of their homes and are part of the family. However when they try to use our furniture, they certainly have a hard time, not surprising considering we design sofas, chairs and tables for people with two legs, not pets with four. So,..
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